Definition of Email:

Abbreviation of email:  electronic mail,Transfer written message from one user to one or more recipients through network. You can use text, files, images, or attach files on email.
Professional mail always required following terms:
- formal and polite
- Focus on topic
- check on grammar / spelling
- Please recheck mail once before clicking on send button.



Step 1

a. To whom should I send mail:

Check with whom email should address to Teacher/Boss/colleague. Later insert valid email id of them.

 Example To: <>

b.Subject name:

Subject name should be exactly related to mail which you have mentioned on mail body. Subject name must be short and title of mail.

Example: mail for leave request subject line must be as “Request for Leave” or “Leave Request”.


Step 2

c.How do you start a professional email

You have to start a mail with good manner, so start with followings

  • Hi

  • Dear

  • Hello

Note: in professional mail, Please use as “Hi”.



    Hi Sita(Name of Receiver),.........

 d. How to end a professional mail

 If you want to end a email, Please enter your details such as full name, title and contact details (optional).

Please use these words above your details at end of mails:

  • Regards

  • Thank you

  • Respectfully


  • Class 9th , Grade B

       ……… school,

       Contact no:…………..


  •   Regards

        Ramu. S

        No.6, Building no……,


       contact no:......


Step 3

What contains on body of a mail:
You can describe your subject details on body of a mail. It is similar as body of letter.
I have prepared weekly report, please check.